The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles

Choosing tiles for any room or space is about finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. The kitchen is one room where you can experiment with tile designs. However, you need to ensure that certain textures that may work well on the floor may not work well on walls. For instance, glossy tiles may suit your floors but not your walls. So before you buy kitchen wall tiles, you must lay the foundation and know your requirements well.

To help you choose suitable tiles, we have mentioned a few crucial parameters before buying them. So let’s get to it.

3 Important Aspects to Consider Before Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles 

1. Know the Difference Between Tiles 

As a renowned tiles supplier in Dubai, we recommend you know about different types of tiles and their differences before making a purchase. For instance, porcelain, ceramic, and wood-look–there are several types of tiles that you can install in your kitchen. Certain materials may be better than others based on the location you want to install the tiles. You will be able to figure out which tiles suit your requirements best only when you will know about the differences between tiles.

2. Know your Budget 

While this may seem simple to keep in mind, it is one of the most important. Budgeting helps you narrow down your focus on the tiles that you may eventually end up purchasing. For example, porcelain tiles are expensive compared to ceramic tiles. So if you have a loose budget, going for porcelain tiles will be beneficial. Know that the tiles’ size, colour, and variation in tile can cause the overall price to fluctuate.

So know your requirements – both design and budget so that you can filter out options that don’t fit your budget right from the beginning.

3. Know the Style of your Home 

It is very crucial to select tiles that go with the existing style of your home. The ones that complement your home. So you need to consider the colour of the tiles used in your home, the texture and the vibe. Whether your home decor gives a classy, modern, or retro vibe, ensure you know about it and select tiles that complement each other. To understand which type of tiles will align with your home decor, it’s best to consult a tile supplier or an industry professional.

The above-mentioned tips are the prerequisites to buying the tiles. Now, let us look at a few things to do or to look for when making the purchase.

3 Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Wall Tiles

1. Ensure they are Easy to Clean

The kitchen is a space in the house that gets dirty often. So choose tiles that can withstand inevitable spills and brutal cleaning regimes. Ceramic tiles are a good option for affordability and easy maintenance. These tiles do not require specific cleaners to keep them well-maintained.

2. Go for Highly Durable Tiles

Whether you want to install tiles in your home or redecorate a rental space, wall tiles should be long-lasting. These wall tiles can last decades if maintained accurately, offering your kitchen a fresh and clean look. So go through different types of tiles, know the materials and choose the one that is durable and fits your budget. After all, investing in tiles is a long-term investment, so it is only wise to go for the best option.

3. Consider the Bigger Picture 

Follow a step-by-step approach when selecting the tiles to narrow your selection quickly. Go for tiles that are fancy and durable. Keep your budget in mind, and consider the tiles’ location, shape and size, colour, etc. Also, feel free to experiment with a few tiles before you make the final decision. Doing so will help you make the right choice.


You now know what to look for when selecting tiles for your kitchen. Keep these steps/tips in mind when choosing the tiles. If you still have any doubts or concerns about the same, feel free to contact us. We are a tile shop in Dubai with a great tiles collection for your walls and floors. We’re only a call away if you wish to know more about us! Let us understand your requirements and suggest suitable options.